Your Cultural Awareness trainer will prepare you for your business trip or your temporary contract abroad. We will support you for the following destinations: China, Germany, India, Italy, Poland, Romania and Russia.

Your personal language instructor will introduce you individually or in a mini group to your foreign language. He/She will assist you from total beginner to business advanced. It is included your Relocation Service in your German lessons in Munich and in your Italian lessons in Rome and Viterbo for all the necessary help in your daily life. We will offer you any help you might need.

For lawyers and students of law we offer a wide range of interesting seminars, specialized language courses as well as the preparation for trainings or exams abroad.

Do you need linguistic consultation or some help with your project in the field of linguistics? Do you need a linguist to assist? Then contact us!

Each instructor of our team is academically qualified and experienced. Most of our Cultural Awareness instructors are additionally certified.