Cultural Awareness

Today more and more people from different cultures meet for global business. The influence on an expatriate in a foreign country is considerable.

We would like to assist you with the move on the international scene. Whether on business trips, on holiday, and also on a permanent residence abroad. We will prepare you to get ready for your vis-à-vis, to take into account the peculiarities of a country. We want your life in a new surrounding to become more comfortable and make it easier for you to make new friends.

Contents of the Cultural Awareness training will be personalized to include: personal needs, geographical information, as well as some aspects of everyday life – and business-life of the country.

The needs of your company and your goals set up the duration and the contents of your training. Our Cultural Awareness instructors are academically qualified, experienced and certified. We are looking forward to setting up your individual training.

For the following destinations we can offer you a Cultural Awareness training:

Germany – Italy

China – Great Britain – India – Poland – Romania – Russia – USA