Tailor-made Training

We offer you tailor-made training-concepts because customer-service and the contentment of our clients and students has top priority.

In order to secure this, a demand-oriented cooperation with our customers and students is of great importance to us.

Therefore we focus on the client or student and adapt the training to his individual needs.

Our tailor-made training includes therefore following steps:

  1. The preparatory talks
  2. During a conversation, we analyze and discuss the contents, the need and the goal for the future student with you and we will identify:

    – what to train,
    – with which methods we will work,
    – when and where the training will take place,
    – the period of the training.

  3. The conversation with the future student
  4. During a conversation with the future student, we analyze the contents, the need and the goal of the future student. Together we will make the course plan.

  5. The tailor-made training-concept
  6. According to your strategic business-goals and the personal goal of the student, we develop your tailor-made training-concept.

  7. The realization of the training
  8. The training is provided by experienced trainers regarding your specific goals.